Your Website Checklist: Every Step Broken Down!

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Hi, I’m Greg! Founder of and the Greg Narayan YouTube Channel.

A blog and/or website is an incredibly valuable asset to your work in nearly all fields today.

Problem is, if you Google “how to make a website” there are just way too many options!

This page shows you how to create a website the right way.

Our community has helped over 5000 beginners and people from all walks of life around the globe make website, create a blog, and become web savvy to the point that you guys can do it for a living.

Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

IF YOU WERE WONDERING: This is exactly how major bloggers and businesses setup a blog or website these days. It’s also the same process a web designer would follow if you hired them for $1000s of dollars instead of using this DIY website tutorial. If you want to join the online world and follow your dreams, there’s no better way than following the simple, made easier for beginner steps below.


I always wanted to write about tech. After getting rejected from major publications in NYC, I knew my only way in was blogging. Start my own operation, gather writers and create my own empire. So that’s what I did. Now, 7 years later, I love teaching people how to start a blog of their own. Seeing you guys create a blog or make a business website or both is the most rewarding feeling because passing knowledge on is the best. I teach everything for free and am almost always around unless I’m on the mountain above so I can always help you learn how to start a blog.

Step 1:

Okay so I know it’s scary to register a domain name. My first purchase was so intense I Skyped two friends to watch. The key is to take action and once you’re ready just buy it before someone else does. We have all great ideas but we don’t all have the courage to start. So go ahead and visit GoDaddy and get it if you’re ready. Let us know any concerns about how to buy a domain name in the comments!

Step 2:

Next up is a step we all wish we did earlier, register hosting. This simple step gives you access to the whole world of WordPress so you can use the same tools as famous bloggers and site owners like Zoella, ProBlogger, PinchofYum, Neil Patel, Tim Ferris, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and more. All you need is a domain and hosting, then we’ll install WordPress.

Step 3:

Installing WordPress could not be easier with HostGator’s easy QuickInstall tool. Just click a couple buttons and it’s done. It is actually easier than creating a blog, go figure! HostGator pioneered this tool and now other hosts use it so the QuickInstall tool is really the best, and of course it’s free.

Step 4:

Alright, welcome to WordPress! Let’s get you one of the best free themes on the market, learn about plugins, write a post, make a menu, upload a logo, and make all your messages simply work on your new website. We’ve gotta be quick though, I can hear your traffic knocking already!


You’re all done! How did it go? Are you stuck anywhere or did we miss anything? You can get fast WordPress help by posting a comment here or on YouTube. Please also Like and Share to spread the goodness of free how to DIY advice on the web and help everyone build a better blog! We’re here for you! Thanks for watching!!!!